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Ascensio is an adults only Free Company on Hyperion that is dedicated to leveling and conquering current end-game content.

We meet up Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00pm to 11:00pm EST.

Raid Smarter, Not Harder

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TeamSpeak Server

Katman a posted Aug 22, 17

I've converted our Ventrilo server to TeamSpeak.  Details for the server are on the front page once you log in.

Lamebrix Gob-Smacked

Katman a posted Mar 29, 17


Katman a posted Feb 20, 17
Left to right: Katman (w/ Ifrit), Cristandra, Zefrum (front), Lucarius, Peace
Not Pictured: Cael, Dew, Raizt

Moving to Eorzea

Katman a posted Jul 5, 16

Ascensio is currently in the process of moving to Eorzea.

You can find us on the Hyperion server, and our usual Ventrilo server!